Bagel pizza! quick and easy recipe!

recently, i learned how to make bagel pizza! it`s such and easy thing to make for a snack or even lunch! pizza is one of my favorite foods, so when i heard that i could make it this quick i was so happy!! heres what youll need:

-a bagel
-pizza or tomato sauce
-a spoon
-shredded cheese
-your microwave!
-*optional* pepporoni

here are the steps on how to make it:

step one- take half of your bagel and put on an even amount of pizza/tomato sauce onto it with your spoon.
step two- sprinkle on an even amount of shredded cheese (and pepporoni if you choose to have some) onto the bagel.
step three- place the bagel into the microwave for 45 seconds, or more depending on how thick the bagel is.
step four- take bagel out, let cool, and enjoy!

this shouldnt take and longer than 3 minutes to make!
*i only eat/make a half at a time*

i alreadyknew how to make the pizza, but i looked it up on google for you guys for the "source link" although i didnt come across this website first.
thanks for reading!

it wouldnt let me add a the picture i wanted, so heres the link to it:,r:8,s:0,i:115

Source link:,1629,149162-226203,00.html

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