Bad Review: My Macbook (Picture Heavy)

4 years ago

I wrote another review on my macbook a few months ago practically praising how reliable it is. I listed more pros than cons and for the most part, I still stand by them.

However, for the past few months my laptop has been falling apart and I have to say, it`s pretty disappointing. I haven`t looked up other reviews to see what people are saying yet about the problems that I`m having.

Anyway, my macbook has been falling apart like crazy! Part of me wants to believe it`s because it`s just getting old and it`s time for and upgrade, but SERIOUSLY? I`ve had it for about 5 years and it was a little more than <strong>$1,000</strong>.

It wasn`t so much that it was slow up until a few weeks ago. Now, it`s just lagging. I`ve tried removing junk from my computer to help it "go faster" but that didn`t really seem to help.

The most annoying thing is the shell. I guess that`s what you would call it? It`s falling apart.

<strong>Second image</strong>: This is where you would rest your palms at when typing on the keys. As you can see, there`s pieces missing. I`ve heard that you can go to the Apple store and replace it for free, but this started to happen within a year. It pinches my wrists. :/

<strong>Third image</strong>: This is up at the top of the screen. You can see that it`s cracked and missing some pieces. I think this might be there because there`s a magnet to help it shut. I guess it`s possible it just got worn out?

<strong>Fourth image</strong>: This is something that pissed me off. I can`t even begin to understand how this happened. It`s like the whole bottom part will detach from the screen. The wires are sticking out where the screen is at. The screws can`t even be screwed back in, they instantly fall out. I don`t get it. The whole shell feels like plastic so is it possible that what they used is cheap??

- Do you own a macbook?
- What laptop should I upgrade to?
- Microsoft or Apple?

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