Bad High School Trends:Girls Edition

5 years ago

Now I don`t expect everyone to agree with me on this topic, but I go to a public high school and I have seen my fair share of shitty trends. The first ridiculous trend is tights. IDK who decided its ok to replace actual pants with tights, but many girls at my school think wearing tights that sink into every nook and crany in your body is okay. From freshman girls to seniors coming to school with tights and a t-shirt that seems like it was borrowed by their 7 yr old brother is the new norm here. Another trend is borrowing your mom`s hooker heels to play dress up to school. This is especially true for the freshman girls at my school. They wear extremely tall high heels that would make the average person want to pray to god for them so they dont fall and die. Seriously school isnt a club or a party place. What happened to being comfortable? Then again that leads me to my next ridicouls trend: girls sagging. I just want to puke when I see a girl sagging. Their are two types of `saggers`: the atheltics tomboy girls who sag with basketball shorts underneath(just like the guys) and the girls who want to look sexy while sagging, which means wear an ill fitting shirt and some sort of ridicoulse lacy panties. I am not hating on any girls who participate in these trends, but its just odd seeing girls try to where the tightest most inappropriate things to school. This is just my personal opinion on this issue and feel free to leave a comment telling me about the good and the bad when it comes to your schools fashion.

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