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I have been on Luuux for maybe 2 yrs, I have gotten a few things from the shop. I didn`t join the site for such things but they were a nice bonus. I have my own personal blog that I love, I don`t earn my Luuux$$ by posting `who wore it better" stuff. Ok, now that that`s out of the way, my thoughts on Luuux ....

I understand this is a blogging site and that we should be here for the love of blogging and not the Luuux$ and shop items, that`s fine, I agree, that`s really why I joined, for the interaction and because I loved the idea of having tons of reviews and articles on so many different things in one site. The issue I`m having now is the fact that ever since the shop went down, Luuux seems to be ignoring its users. They have not made one single post explaining what`s going on, or that they`re working on it, or any other explanation for that matter. Are we not deserving of one ?

If Luuux is looking into being nothing but a blogging site, no perks, then fine, say so, hey in fact that might be better, less spammers and bad posts ! If they`re truly working on fixing the shop, fine, say so as well, but omg let us know what`s going on. It is soooooo unprofessional and in bad form to ignore all the users of YOUR site. How can I promote the site? How can I tell people "oh yeah it`s great, you should sign up" when we are being ignored by the company?

I`ve read that some people have gotten responses from the luuux shop or team saying that the shop would be fixed by December, someone said possibly by the early months of 2013, why hasn`t Luuux made a post stating that information then, for all its users to read? I also find it interesting that Luuux has been ignoring tweets as well.

Personally, this is my last post on Luuux UNTIL they address the issues at hand. I will not comment or post or reply or endorse or promote the site any longer, again, UNTIL someone from the Luuux team steps up and lets us know wth is going on here. Let me say it again though - IF LUUUX TURNS INTO A BLOGGING SITE ONLY, NO PERKS, I WILL CONTINUE TO BLOG HERE, I just want to know what`s going on, I like professionalism and they`re not exhibiting that at the moment.

I am not saying I don`t like the site so any "if you don`t like it, leave" comments are pointless, I am saying I expect the company to be professional, at the very least, courteous to its users, and that`s what I`m asking for in this post.

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