Bad Beauty Habits to Break

5 years ago

Hey pretty girls(: Ive noticed that there are few beauty habits that everyone preaches and I even preach to my friends that are important to do but I havent done myself. Since its a new month tomorrow I thought this would be really good to start today.

Bad Habit #1: Not washing my makeup off before bed
Im so bad at this, I used to be really good t this but lately Ive been awful. Mondays through Fridays I have school then on most of those days I go to work right after I get out of school until about 6 or 7 pm then Ill go home eat, do my homework, watch my shows depending on the nights, and talk to my boyfriend so I dont really have time and Im too lazy to get up and wash my makeup off. Its so bad for your skin and I think everyone should wash their face before bed.

Bad Habit #2: Not using a heat protectant
If you have read any of my other blog posts you would know that I have really long thin blonde hair, my hair is about 24 inches long. Ive been growing it out for years now and I take really good care of it except for one little thing; I hardly ever use a heat protectant. I use so much heat on my hair and I need to protect it from breaking and becoming damaged. If youre trying to grow your hair out or already have long hair use a heat protectant.

Bad Habit #3: Not using full acne prevention routine
Ive never had bad skin so Ive never really had to worry about this problem before. Since its my senior year I took two advanced placement classes and theyve been stressing me out so much. Im graduating June 8th and thats just around the corner so due to stress Ive been breaking out like crazy.

Bad Habit #4: Brushing wet hair with brush
Probably the WORST bad habit to have. My favorite comb broke a month ago and I havent been able to find one that compares to it yet. This can ruin your hair so much and break it and thats definitely absolutely not what I want so I really need to buy myself a new comb and start using it.

These are just some of my bad habits Ive had lately and Im hoping to break. Id like everyone to do one so I can see what your bad habits are and how youre going to try to break them. If you have any tips for me on how to break these comment below.



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