Bad Beauty Habits

3 years ago

So you know we all do it and most of the time we don`t really mean to but because its a habit that comes so natural to us it happens. I know Im guilty of some of these.

1. `Dr. Sobel says this is an especially bad habit. `Constantly touching your face or resting your chin in your palm or fist will spread bacteria on your face and can cause breakouts.` Plus, your face is bound to get all kinds of oily after you`ve been touching it all day. `

2. `you should moisturize your hands after each wash (or sanitization), and try to limit how often you`re hitting the soap. `Washing your hands or using sanitizing wash more than once or twice a day will remove all of the natural oils in your skin and cause dryness and wrinkles.` Keep a small hand lotion at your desk, and take it easy on the Purell.`

3.`it`s essential to wipe down both your cell phone every day with an antiseptic wipe. `

4. `it`s time to uncross those legs. Though we`ve been conditioned to believe that legs crossed is the only way a lady sits, Dr. Sobel says doing it at your desk all day can cause varicose veins or spider veins.`

5. `this one may be slightly out of your control, sitting under a heating vent, Dr. Sobel says this will dry out your skin. And, in the dead of winter, we`re pretty sure that`s the last thing you need.`

6. `When you sit on your keister all day, `your back muscles start to shorten and contract. That can lead to chronic tightness and pain.` Dr. Hecht recommends taking breaks from sitting. you should be getting vertical every 45 minutes to an hour. `Even getting up for a minute or two and sitting back down is better than sitting down for prolonged periods of time.` As he explains, when we`re sitting at our computer, we`re also flexing forward. `When you sit and flex forward, you`re putting the maximum pressure in the disk, and that can cause pain.`

7. `remember that your monitor is adjustable. And, Dr. Hecht says you ought to be moving it to eye level so you`re not looking up: `That can cause pain in your neck`

Okay maybe Im guilty of a lot of these. I think I need to start breaking some of these bad habits. Let me know if you find yourself doing these same habits?

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