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Some foods are yummy but when bacon is added its just like heaven in your mouth. one of my favorite things to make my family is bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. they are so easy to make and a great crowd pleaser. what you need for them is... some nice green chile peppers, bacon, creme cheese, and tooth picks. you can either slice a I cut on the jalapeno or split it in half to make it easier when stuffing. once you cut them you can clean out the seeds, i then like to put them in a bowl of ice cold water for about 20 mins(suppose to help so they are not to spicy hot later), after the cold water process you can lay them on some napkins to dry or just quickly wipe them dwn a bit. now its time to stuff them. with a butter knife( i find it easier with it) spread the creme cheese in the inside of the jalapeno. when they are all stuffede its time for the bacon. cut bacon strips in half and begin wrapping each jalapeno. to keep bacon nicely attached you can put toothpicks on the ends of the bacon and into the jalapeno. when ready you can put them in the oven at @ 250*. i like mine nice and crispy so i leave mine in for about 45mins. once you get them to your fav crisp, pull them out and let them cool for 10mins. dont forget to take toothpicks out when getting ready to eat. i love these and i hope yall do too.

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