Bacon: America`s True Love?

Ok so I have a question for everyone out there on Luuux right now.

Now I know that most people are going to look at this weird because well lets face it, the world loves it! I`m talking about nice and crispy, different shades of brown, sizzling on the frying pan, the aroma that when you walk into a room just yells break-fest! That`s right, I`m talking about Bacon. America`s one, and I think, only true love...

Now I know this is hard to believe, Americans` "loving" bacon more than a simple food, but for some of us out there this is a sad fact of reality. I mean when you`re in Wal-Mart and you`re in the meat section it takes most, if not all, of some of our self control to not just pick it up and place it in our carts to take it home and in the morning have it gone and to then just repeat the process.

So here`s my question for you...
Is bacon really America`s true love or is it just a simple food that everyone eats?
And my second question for you is...
What have you done/what are you willing to do to get your hands (and mouths) on some bacon.

Post your reply in the comments below.

Thanks--- Haley :)

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