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2 years ago


The back to school time has already come. Probably not the best time of the year, but oh well why not to make it more pleasant by doing some DIY`s to keep your school supplies organized and cute at the same time. Here`s a quick tutorial for a lovely pencil holder made of rocks. Yes, you heard correctly - of rocks. Are you interested? When keep on reading..

You are going to need:

> Clear empty plastic bottle of mineral water
> Scissors
> Cutter
> Double side tape
> And some lovely rocks from the beach or anywhere you like (one side of the rock should be flat)

1. Cut the bottom of your bottle. Make sure that the part you cut is flat. For this part the use cutter. Make sure that all the edges are even. If you spot some sharp edges use scissors to get rid of them.

2. Now the bottle seems to get narrow on the bottom. Because we want the whole surface to be flat we need to cut a bit of plastic from the upper part and pull it over the bottom. Again use scissors to get edges look even

3. Finally, when we have a flat surface we can start decorating our pencil holder. Pick the biggest rocks first and place the tape on their flat side. When remove the additional paper from tape and put the rock wherever you want. Try to keep distance between big rocks because you need space for other ones too. Keep filling the empty spaces with smaller and smaller rocks till you feel happy with your pencil holder. Make sure you choose to place rocks which would vary in size in color it will help to make final result better looking.

And you are done :) This eco friendly pencil case holder will help to make your room interior more playful. The best thing is that none of your friends would own such item besides you.

xo xo, I.

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