Back Surgery-Spinal Fusion

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share a part of my life that if someone else has to think about getting surgery maybe this will help.
Over a year ago I started feeling numbness in my legs and I was noticing that my legs felt heavy. I was working at the time and walking was becoming more and more painful in my back. I thought may it was a herniated disc or something. I started going to the doctor because by the weekend I would be on my back for the whole weekend. The doctor gave me a local shot in my spine to numb the pain. It should have helped but it didn`t. I went for an MRI and was still expecting to hear I had a slipped disc. I was told there wasn`t a slipped disc and they couldn`t see why my legs were going numb. I was sent to one specialist who told me to have an epidural. For some reason that didn`t sit well with me because I knew that would mean that it would numb my back and if something bad happened I wouldn`t know. I didn`t want a band aide on the problem I wanted a sure cure. Still not happy with the specialist I asked for another specialist who then did an Xray and had me lean forward and backward during the Xray. He immediately saw the problem and said my vertibrae was sliding back and forth and was not holding me well and I needed surgery `A Spinal Fusion` where they go in and fuse you spine together with plates and screws. This whole process from the first time I went to doctor to the surgery was a total of 3 months. The week before my surgery my legs finally gave out and I couldn`t control them. After the surgery the first thing I noticed was no more numbness and I could use my legs again. Now the other side, I still have pain in my back not daily though and I am restricted on activities. Some of the things I normally do I can no longer do like travel, I can`t sit for long periods of time, stand for long periods of time or walk for long periods of time. I am asked if I felt the surgery was worth it. Yes it is. The worsed feeling is when your legs are out of control and you can`s walk. I have my good days and my bad. If your told you need surgery or if your not satified with a diagnosis get another opinion and do your research. It`s your body and the only one you have so take care of it.

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