Babyliss Big Hair Review

This has been a product I have been wanting for quite a long time. But I have always put it off as I couldn`t justify paying £45.00 which is the RRP for this rotating brush, especially when I wouldn`t be sure if this was really going to work for me. But I was doing a food shop in Morrisons and was walking past the hair styling section and saw it was reduced to £35.00 which I think was much more reasonable. I instantly picked it up and shoved it in my trolley.
I was quite surprised how large this was when I pulled it out of the box but it is not a struggle to hold and it is also not heavy. This is best used with damp hair as it could take much longer when wet. It is like a hairdryer but the pressure of the air being released isn`t as strong. There are different settings to this, you can have the brush not rotating but still releasing air/rotating with a warmish heat/rotating with hotter heat. I tend to use the middle setting so I aren`t using too much heat. There are two buttons so you can choose which way the brush rotates (depending on which side of the head you are styling)
Ok so I absolutely LOVE it! I find it extremely easy to use. Aslong as your hair is brushed through it just glides through my hair without tangling it or getting caught in the brush. It gives my hair shine and volume. My favourite part about this is I no longer have to use straighteners because this does the trick and does less damage to my hair! It takes me up to 15 mins to use as I am still getting used to it and I have long and thick hair. You can flick your hair out or in, or have it straight depending on how you use this. I also can tell this would work great on fringes.

I rate this 8.5/10!

Have you tried this?

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