Babyliss Big Hair Review

5 years ago

Babyliss Big Hair Review
Now your probably looking at the picture thinking what on earth is that? well its a hair dryer but with a difference. Its purpose is to help you get the perfect blow dry without having to hold a brush and a big hair dryer. As you turn it on it works like a normal hair dryer , but the key is it spins round when you dry underneath your hair. I know I am not explaining this very well , but hopefully you will get the idea from the photos.
Now I heard about the product on youtube , and I really recommend this tutorial its called babyliss get the look. The product is priced average one the market at £45.00 however I got mine from Amazon for £37.00. The prices havent dropped that much yet due to it being a newish product. Its a unique product in my opinion , however I did have to get use to using the product for a while.
Its difficult to control with the fastest speed as there are two one which is a slower spin and then a quicker spin one. However I have mixed reviews on this so far , I have only used it twice but both times I just cant manage to get the curl at the bottom , however the blow drying of the hair just wow. Its amazing leaving the hair feeling soft with so much shine in the hair. It gives a lot of volume and I was impressed with the product it self.
Overall I have to give it a couple more goes to try and figure out the curl and the bottom and more bounce , but for the second try I think it worked wonders. In the pictures is me using it and the result after using it for one piece of hair.

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