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Babies are adorable and cute. Newly born babies are often regarded as the future leaders of a certain country, the hopes of a particular nation. So to all parents...please, check out the classes and find a certified instructor in your area. We did when our son was 10 months old. If he should fall in the water, fully clothed, he can roll over and float on his back. This coming winter he will be enrolled in the next program which is learning to swim-float-swim. That sequence teaches the child to swim and look for something to hold on and then roll on your back to float and rest and then swim again. Go to the site and educate yourselves on this being an option for your babies. Did my son like the class? No, he screamed his head off because he doesn`t like being on his back, but you know, drowning children don`t scream. Our thought was, he can scream all he wants, he will be alive. At times there were older children in the next phase of the program and they too weren`t crying, but by the end of the program, all of them were excited and doing high 5`s. We strap our children in carseats screaming their brains out...learning to survive in the water is no different,and the way to do it, can distinctly differentiate a great baby with many benefits from a normal baby. While teaching babies swimming might be a source of fun and joy.Such distinctive result can be observed very clearly even when the babies reach the five year-old mark. PICTURE NOT MINE

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