Baby Robot - It will haunt your dreams!

5 years ago

And I thought that robots look cool, futuristic and friendly. Well, not all of them are like that and this one is just creepy and it will most likely give me nightmares for the next days, so thank you Chris Clarke for the next days without sleep lol
Chris Clarke is the engineer that created this creepy robot that is programed to behave like a human baby but i think its like the son of "The Terminator" or something that came out of a horror movie lol.

The point to this robot is actually a good idea because it has been created to replace human babies in movies so they don`t have to be in studios and in a crazy environment for hours and its easier to shoot the scene. But as you can see this is most likely a prototype that still needs work on the aspect of it but i do applaud the idea for it.
I do wonder how authentic it will look.

<strong>What do you think of this baby robot? Do you think its a good idea to use this as a real baby replacement in movies?</strong>

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