Baby Products for ADULTS?

5 years ago

So lately I`ve been hearing more and more people are using baby products as adults. And how can you blame them? They`re amazing! Think of it this way, they have to be amazing if they can be used on the sensitive and soft skin of little babies. Right?
I myself have only 4 baby products that I use. I have Johnson`s Baby Lotion, Johnson`s Baby Cream, Johnson`s Baby Oil, and Huggies` Baby Wipes (Natural Care ones). This is what I use them for:

- Johnson`s Baby Lotion
I use this on my hands daily. Actually, after every time I wash my hands. My hands get SO dry in the winter cold, they crack open and even bleed sometimes (Thanks Mom!). This is amazing. It makes my hands so soft and moisturizes the hell out of them until I wash my hands again. I also use it if I have a rough patch somewhere on my body. Regular lotion (Bath & Body Works for example) I find I have to constantly re-apply, and I need a lot of it. With the baby lotion, I only need about a pea sized amount to moisturize both hands. And another plus? This bottle is HUGE (27oz) and only about $3, so this could easily last you a year+.

- Johnson`s Baby Oil
I heard about this in one of JuicyTuesday`s favorite`s videos on YouTube. I use it when I shave my legs for two main reasons; 1) The razor glides a lot better, so that means less irritation, and longer razor life; and 2) This also has amazing moisturizing qualities, and my legs are crazy soft when I`m done. I also like to use it in the water if I take a bath, because it makes my skin REALLY soft and smooth. And my newest use for it, is I rub a little on the bottom of my feet when I get out of the shower, because they can get even drier than my hands. Be careful with it though, it is an oil afterall, and it can get slippery. This is between $3-4. Oh and it has a child-lock top, so if you drop it, there`s no chance of it getting everywhere.

- Johnson`s Baby Cream
This stuff changed my life as a kid. My mother is also prone to crazy dry hands, and lives, swears, and dies by this cream. I used to cry all the time when my mom would have me use regular lotions when I was younger, because the perfumes in them would burn my hands. Finally she let me use some of this cream, and at first I was scared to, but then I remember my dad said "Come on, they use this on little babies. It CAN`T hurt." So that did convince me to use it, and woop! Sweet Relief. This is honestly just thick baby lotion. I`m pretty sure they stopped making this though. I remember after that first can was gone my mom couldn`t find it ANYWHERE, and eventually she was able to come across this jar of it but she hasn`t seen in sence. So, I have no idea where you can find it or how much it costs, sorry! But also, my newest use for this, was on tattoos. I knew you could use unscented lotions on them (And although this does have a slight baby scent, it is a lot lighter than the baby lotion smell). The one tattoo I used this on (Which is my biggest, and my only one with color) healed the best out of all of mine! What I did was start using it a few times a day on my tattoo while it was starting to dry out because it`s crazy moisturing, but I stopped when it started peeling because I didn`t want to take the chance of it ripping off the skin during this part of the healing process. (By the way, my favorite unscented lotion for the peeling portion of my tattoos, is the Nivea Express Hydration.)

- Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes
I recently discovered these, and I use them for taking off my makeup. Honestly, I think they work better, and you get so much more for your money, 72 count for $3! I like how these are strong, thick, and quilted, and not to mention super-soft....they grab all my makeup and take it off with ease without drying out in the process. These even took off my eyelash glue and waterproof liner! I also love how my skin felt so clean and hydrated after, and my eyes weren`t burning!

I also sometime soon want to get my hands on Baby Powder and Baby Shampoo. One of my old friends used to use baby powder under her breats, inbetween her legs, and under her arms, since it blots wetness and sweat like no other. I know a lot of people also like to use baby powder as a dry shampoo. As for Baby Shampoo, I know a lot of people like to use that to clean their brushes. Who knew there were so many uses for baby products for us adults? Hope this was helpful! xox

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