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4 years ago

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I am completely torn when it comes to Maybelline Baby Lips. For the longest time I just couldnt justify spending four dollars (yes I know thats kind of sad) on a lip balm that performed, in my view, the same as any other. But the more Ive used them, the more positives Ive found.

The scents of these are rather strong for some this could be a bad thing, and Im not one for smelly makeup products, but Ill have to admit that the smells arent bad. There is peppermint, fruity, and everywhere in between. The scent does fade rather quickly, but it makes for pleasant application. And I must say that although there is a scent, these are not flavored, and are tasteless, for the most part.
Out of all six, four of these lip balms are tinted. The tints are actually pretty surprising, and go on quite bright and true to the color of the product itself. However the tint fades within a half an hour, which is sad. Although I wasnt particularly in love with the colors of these at first, that all changed when I picked up Baby Lips in Pink Punch its a bright, neon pink, for which I have a serious soft spot in my heart. This is the only one that I found is really pretty and unique.

When you apply these, initially they are absolutely lovely. They feel moisturizing, and dont feel waxy at all. They even have a slight gloss finish, which is really pretty on the tinted versions. Theyre light and dont feel greasy or sticky, which is a huge plus for me. But do they live up to Maybellines claim that theyll make your lips baby soft in a few weeks? No, not really. In fact, after a few hours my lips feel like theyre just coated in dead skin and need to be exfoliated! Not chapped, necessarily, but kind of gross.

These do require reapplication, if you want to keep the baby soft feel and the color intact. They fade unfortunately quick, but as they are only a lip balm, you have to anticipate that. But I must also stress that reapplying any lip balm constantly is not actually good for your lips. Most contain waxes that actually draw moisture out of the lips, instead of locking it in. For truly soft lips you must keep hydrated!
The packaging of these is quite tacky, in my opinion it reminds me of the Babies-R-Us logo, and although I really have no aversion to bright colors, Im simply not a fan. The packaging is quite sturdy though, and the balms retract completely and click in place, so youll avoid the whole chapstick-stuck-in-the-lid dilemma.

Overall, how do I feel? Im not sure. I love them and yet I`m not IN love.. I suppose Ill have to give Baby Lips overall a Thumbs Up. $4.00

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