Baby Lips vs Revlon Lip Butters

4 years ago

After giving these lip products a try for several months (due to their hype), I have finally come to a final verdict. Before I say the pros and cons for both lip products, I would like to say that this is my opinion and my experience varies from person to person. I know that some people prefer Lip Butters over Baby Lips and vice versa.

<strong>Revlon Lip Butter (Peach Parfait)</strong>:

-Great natural colour.
-The packaging is nicer looking than Baby Lips. Gives it a classier look.
-Slight scent.
-Colour payoff is all right.

-Expensive when I bought it, around $10.50 for one when it first came out. I believe they are now $8-$9 for one. Not a lot of product is given.
-Texture: I could feel the glitter, very unpleasant. Feels like sandpaper ha.
-Not very moisturizing like it claims to be.
-Not SPF.

<strong>Maybelline Baby Lips (Cherry Me):</strong>

-Provides great colour payoff for a tinted lip balm.
-Smells great. Reminds me of Sweet Tarts for some reason.
-Love the colour, nice bright red colour.
-Produce glossy finish. People always ask what lipstick and gloss I am wearing, and when I tell them I am not using any of those, but instead a lip balm, they were quite shocked.
-Cheaper than Lip Butters ($8 when it first came out, now they are $4-$5).
-Moisturizes quite well.

-Cheap packaging. Looks like a kids lip balm like Lip Smackers.
-Needs more flavours aka colours.

Overall, hands down I prefer Maybelline Baby Lips to Revlon Lip Butters. I think you can tell that my pros for Baby Lips outweigh Lips Buttes. Since I love Cherry Me so much, I have a total of 3 tubes! I also have Baby Lips in Grape Vine; not a huge fan since I cant stand the smell of grapes, and the colour is not that great.

<strong>Do you like Lip Butters or Baby Lips? Which colour is your favourite?</strong>

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