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5 years ago

I was at the drugstore yesterday when I saw that Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm was on sale! They were $4.49 (regular $7.49, I believe) so I snatched one up. I picked the shade "Cherry Me" because I had seen swatches of it here on Luuux and really liked the tint.

First off, I must say that I really like this lip balm! It is moisturizing, is great at getting rid of flaky skin, and is not as hard and waxy as many other lip balms. In terms of moisturization, I`d say this is a "medium" - it works well, but if you have very chapped, very dry lips, you will definitely needed something more heavy-duty (like Blistex, for example).

This lip balm doesn`t really have a taste to it, but it does have a really artificial cherry smell. I don`t hate it, but I don`t love it, either. Fortunately, the smell fades away quite quickly after application. The lack of a sunscreen-y flavour is really impressive to me, considering this balm is SPF 20. I had a balm that was SPF 4 which TOTALLY tasted of sunscreen. This one doesn`t, and has way better sun protection, so I am really happy about that!

The tint of the balm is not a cherry red, but more of a bright, pink shade. It basically makes my lips more pink and pigmented. It also has a glossy finish to it, which I like.

Baby Lips claims to provide 8 hours of moisture, but in my experience, this is not the case, lol. I`ve never owned a lip balm that lasted for 8 hours. If you don`t have dry lips in the first place, though, then maybe this claim is true! ;)

Overall, I really like Maybelline Baby Lips. I would most definitely repurchase it, though not at full price - I just don`t like to spend over $5 on lip balms when there are so many inexpensive options that do the job (e.g., Blistex, Burt`s Bees, Carmex, etc.). I`d definitely buy it on sale, though, and would like to try some of the other shades this balm comes in!

<strong>Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips? If not, what`s your favourite lip balm?</strong>

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