Baby Lips!

4 years ago

i`m so late on this! i know. i`m sorry. but for some reason i just kept turning myself off to buy this product even though everyone was going nuts over them. i think it`s because i`m so determined to finish my EOS cuz i`ve never been able to do so. and i honestly don`t know why i just randomly decided to give in and try it...

(it`s probably because Ingrid/missglamorazzi showed it in her video and of course everything Ingrid uses i`m enabled to go try LOL)

so i picked up the clear one in Quenched and the red one in Cherry Me. Quenched smells aaaalmost like a car air freshener...hahaha. but it is lemony and i do like it. and it tastes like fruity pebbles. awesome. i used it throughout work today and it is pretty moisturizing. and i was contemplating to buy another one of these to put in my makeup bag since this one was going to be in my purse.

the red one i felt that i probably wouldn`t use on an everyday basis because i saw it on someone before and it looked really pigmented. so i figured i`d just save it for days where i wanted like a red stained look. but when i got home and tried it on i immediately got excited over it. because 1) it smells SO good. straight up like cherry popsicles. and 2) it definitely was not super pigmented on me and provided the perfect tint to brighten my complexion without being too in your face. so now this one has become the one i`m going to carry around with me everywhere and the Quenched one will be in my makeup bag! works out, so i don`t have to go out and buy other ones haha.

i used to loveee the Burts bees tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom and it was a staple to have with me at all times because it was neutral enough that i didn`t have to worry about if it`d go with my look that day, but it provided enough pigmentation to just brighten up my face and just make me look more put together while still keeping my lips hydrated, but sadly i`ve misplaced it and honestly with it being 7 dollars for a lipbalm...i really can`t bring myself to just buy another one when i know it`s lying around my room somewhere.

so i wanted to buy the pink baby lips to kindof take the place of it but i`m really glad i chose the red one instead because it does exactly what i wanted plus smells 100x better. and i like that i`m really happy with the first two i picked so that i`m not going back out to repurchase other ones to find the ones i liked the most.

i really like the consistency of these too. they`re smooth and thick and don`t feel waxy at all which i don`t like sometimes cuz you can just feel it sitting on the top of your lips. and by the look at the packaging as cute as it is i thought these were gonna just be slippery and cheap feeling. but they`re totally not at all!

i so regret not trying these sooner!

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