Baby-G Upgrade!

3 years ago

Well more like a brand new BabyG.
My first white one that I had, which I don`t think I gave a close up on, I had to return it.
General I love the white watch verses the Black. I still have my ex`s G-Shock he gave me and I had to use it for 1 month because I was in search for a new Baby-G.

I use to be the type of person who would rather use their phone for time than look at a watch. But after my first year of college, I realized its more ideal to have a watch on many purposes. One is you don`t always want to be resulting in staring at your phone in class and some of my classes don`t allow cellphones to be visible.

But anyways, I had to return my first Baby-G because it was solar, and one day my light button stopped working, the next day the time stopped showing. I know its solar and it needs sun light or light in general. Thats hard for where I live. But I decided to stay away from solar and stick to battery power because at least I can get that changed when needed. The first G-Shock I had which was mens, it wasn`t as big on my wrist, but after I returned my solar one, I wanted to go get a mens again. I tried on a mens from Macys and it was 3x bigger. I already had a type of watch I wanted and it was so ideal that analog and digital are working together and its under the type of watch I wanted too. Since the men`s didn`t work out for me I had another eye on this one right here for women`s. Its more pricey but it was worth it!

-rose gold face
-women`s watch under the G-Shock brand
-pricing is comparable to mens on style ( the first G-Shock that had analog and digital that I spotted in Nordstrom was about the same, the men`s I saw was 150 and this one is 120)
-most work settings don`t like digital watches (and this has a dual look of analog and digital time frame)
-adds a pop of color
-more affordable and worth the price than grabbing a Michael Kors watch for everyday use. ( don`t get me wrong I was considering a MK watch after my Baby-G got returned but I wanted an everyday use and to wear MK around a college campus is too much there is to much value on it)
-World Time settings

I don`t like to point out negatives because I love it but I can think of why some people wouldn`t want to buy a G-Shock/Baby-G
-pricing it is on a higher end scale. I mean my mom loves the watch and the G-Shock I hold, but she doesn`t like to use it for work
-hype, I know that age frames cause brand of what type of watch to buy and use. in HS G-Shocks were like yeah I have one what about you type of deal. that can cause people to be like why...
-limited styles, different stores carry different styles and there are always limited editions ones. its hard to find what you really like in person and online. I know I went there lol I was lucky I found something I liked that no other store had when I went last minute G-Shock/Baby-G shopping.

I got the watch on a 20% discount from Macy`s during Presidents day. I also had a 25 dollar gift card for Macys and all the Macys I go never have anything style I like, surprisingly this Macy`s I went to had a good variety. Pricing I paid will not be shared because I honestly do not know and my dad got it for me because he is the decider for watches. I wanted a FuelBand but he didn`t like it, so I got any G-Shock I liked because of the denial of the Fuelband.

Thought, Comments, Concerns about G-Shock/Baby-G?

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