Baby Blue Multi- Design Nails!

5 years ago

Good evening Luuuxers! If you saw my post a few days ago, you would know that I painted my nails with Essie`s Borrowed and Blue and then did an accent nail by adding a glitter coat of Love & Beauty by Forever 21`s Silver. I mentioned in that post that I would probably get bored of it soon or later, which I did so I revamped my nails by removing the glitter coat on my ring finger but not the blue part so that my nails still had the blue. Then I redid the designs I had. Keep on reading to see what I did!

- Essie`s Borrowed & Blue
- Black Striper
- Silver Striper
- Dotting Tool/ Toothpick
- Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in Silver
- China Glaze`s White on White


Thumb Finger
I honestly don`t really know what I ended up doing to this finger but I started with a white cross and then I decided to add a black one inside the white one because the white didn`t show up well on the baby blue. This nail was the last one I did so it was a bit spontaneous and random. I don`t exactly know what it is but oh well!

Index Finger
For this, I simply used my silver striper and used it to make some silver stripes across my nails. I did this when I was running out of creativity too so it wasn`t my best design, lol!

Middle Finger
Instead of doing a design on this finger, I decided to use the Forever 21 nail polish that originally used for my accent nail for my past manicure. I got it from a friend for my birthday and I really liked the color. Since I didn`t want the whole manicure to be baby blue, silver, and black, I decided to add this over the blue to add a bit of glam and sparkle. I think that with this glitter color over the blue, I could even wear it for winter as a snow fairy nail design. I think its cute!

Ring Finger
This is my most complex nail design but I think its really cute and classy. First, I made black stropes using my black striper and then I made black stripes the other direction to make them cross. Then I took my silver striper and painted them only one direction. This makes a plaid design which I love!

Pinky Finger
This was so easy; I took the end of my paintbrush (you can use a dotting tool or toothpick) and I made white polkadots on top of the blue.

That`s it for my whole hand. I think this manicure is really unique because no two designs are the same but I also think its a bit strange, spontaneous, and random. I, however still like it, and so do many other people because I`ve gotten lots of compliements at school!

Hope you enjoyed this random nail design and I`ll see you all in my next post!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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