Babies for Miley amp Liam?

4 years ago

Most of us know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has recently gotten engaged. Well if the engagement shocked you then brace yourself, they`re already talking about babies! Yiiikes :/ According to The Enquirers Mike Walker (via Cele|bitchy), Miley isnt even close to talking about babies. Liam reportedly really, really, really wants them, like, NOW, but Mileys not having it. A source close to Cyrus relayed the couples conversation: She told Liam, Dont even think about having kids for at least five years Ive worked way too hard for this body!

Good for you Miley! First of all, I personally think they`re too young. Miley is 19 and Liam is 22, and they`ve only been engaged for 1 month and haven`t even started planning for the wedding. They still have alot of time ahead of them to plan a family. It seems like they have alot on their plates as well, Liam`s got about six projects thats are either in pre-production, post-production, or filming. I dont think it`s a good time for them to have kids, let alone get married. I do see them as a good couple though and can imagine them having a family together in the future. I think Liam was just hit by baby fever since his brother, Chris, had recently had a baby. Well sorry Liam, according to Miley, you have to wait :P

<strong>Do you think they`re too young to start a family?
How old do you want to be when you start a family?</strong>

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