Babies at the Duck Pond!

4 years ago

Hey Everyone,

I thought Id post up a picture of the new baby geese at the lake. For those of you who dont live near a lake with migrating geese, this is the time of year to see goslings. This year the geese seem to be hatching their eggs a bit late. I wonder if it is because it has been cooler this year. There are also a lot fewer goslings than last year. I saw a few birds still brooding over their nests though, so perhaps there may still be more babies yet.

I like to eat my lunch by the lake when the weather is nice, but Ive been busy at work the past few weeks and havent been able to get to the local park. So I missed seeing the goslings when they first hatched. Im not a pro or anything, but Im guessing these goslings probably hatched about a week and a half ago. The fluff balls are so cute trailing after their parent geese. The pair in the picture seem to have an abnormally large amount. The other pairs of geese only had about five to six goslings each, but the pair in the picture had about twelve in their care. I wonder if they took more under their wing?

I tried to get a closer picture of the goslings, but the parent geese kept hissing at me and getting in the way. If you havent experienced it first-hand, parent geese can be seriously protective of their goslings. They hiss, snap, and charge at anyone they perceive to be a threat to their young. Last year a goose slammed into my back when I was sitting at the park even though I was nowhere near the goslings, and I gotta say- It really hurt.

At any rate, I hope everyone is enjoying the flowers and nature of Spring.

(Picture is mine.)

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