Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review

5 years ago

I have been super inactive on Luuux lately but now that I have time I`m finally back!!! Anyways, a while ago I bought the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay from Wholefoods because I saw reviews that raved about how amazing it was. It helps with acne, dull skin, pretty much any skin problems you have! I decided to try it out for myself and picked up a tub at Whole Foods for less than $8 so it`s EXTREMELY affordable.

It`s just a tub of powder that you add equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. The person working there said that using apple cider vinegar was the best so I picked up a bottle for $2. If you`re sensitive to smell, don`t use the vinegar. The vinegar smells horrible and the fact that it`s going to be sitting on your face for about 10 minutes doesn`t exactly help. Luckily I`m fine with the smell and just smeared it on.

It claims to make your skin pulse and it really does. It takes a while for you to feel it though but you will be able to feel it. It`s a very invigorating and weird feeling. After about 10-15 minutes, I washed it off and noticed a difference right away. My skin was red at first because of the pulsating but after about half an hour it faded away. My skin looked a lot brighter and felt a thousand times softer and smoother. I didn`t really see much change in my acne but after doing the mask about 5 times, my skin is a lot clearer! I have fewer black heads and almost no more acne.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone with skin problems! It`s extremely affordable and has worked wonders on my skin. Don`t expect results right away, but after a couple of times you will see results! I`m still no where near finishing the tub but once I do I`m definitely going to pick up another one. So have any of you tried this mask? Has it worked wonders for you as well?

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