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11 months ago

I first discovered Azature and his alluring line of nail polishes when I saw an article saying Kelly Osbourne had a $250,000 manicure done. I thought this was an insane amount of money, but was seriously intrigued by what was in this polish. While I still have no idea what was in Kelly`s famous manicure, I can tell you what`s in their polish that is much more accessible to the American consumer. For Christmas this year, I ordered 20 polishes from their website, and they came in today. They were vey sturdily packed, and every bottle had a box and bubble wrap. I tried every polish, and for the most part have absolutely no complaints. The Opal Diamond and Black Diamond polishes are NOT opaque as pictured, but that`s easy enough to fix with a good under polish. The bottles are beautiful, and the square shape makes opening the bottles much easier. Also, being in that shape makes storage SO much easier, and 14 polishes fit perfectly in a 7`x7.5` box. In each bottle is a very tiny black diamond, probably about the size of a pin head, so yes, each bottle has a real black diamond inside. The polishes are vegan and formaldehyde free, which makes me feel better about using them for my daughter. At $25-$30 a bottle, they are a considerable investment, but every December at least for the last two years, Azature hosts his birthday sale where all the polishes go on sale for $6. Some I bought were $5, and one was even $3. Another thing I love is it barely takes any polish to coat your nails, and most of the opaques are one coat polishes. a thing to note: I put one of the opaques directly on the nail, and it stained immediately. Make sure to use a base coat! I chose Orchid Diamond as my test manicure to see how they wear over the next couple days, but so far, I`m highly impressed.

Each color is swatched, and these are the names in order:
Photo 1: Orchid Diamond, Passion Diamond, Merlot Diamond, Wine Diamond and Red Diamond.
Photo 2: Eucalyptus Diamond, Gold Diamond, Opal Diamond (not opaque as advertised), and Horizon Diamond.
Photo 3: Cobalt Diamond, Black Diamond (not opaque as advertised, very fine glitter), Boudior Diamond, Midnight Diamond, and Green Diamond

I also purchased their top coat and base coat.

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