Axl Rose amp James Hetfield!

5 years ago

So if you asked me whó the best voices in the music industry are obviously I would say singers such as Frank Sinatra, Rovbert Plant, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong... But I`m talking about my 2 favorite singers, the ones that I know, aren`t the bets of the bests, and don`t reach up to the others I`ve mentioned, however, for me they are the best singers EVER!

I just love Jame`s and Axl`s voice, equally!

YES WE ALL KNOW AXL`S A DIVE, but we have to give him credits for his talent, not only he is an amazing song writer, as he also has an amaizng voice... just his voice while talking is music to my ears, what I love the most about his voice it is how evrsatile it can be... If I didn`t know all of Guns songs I would say they would switch the lead singer a lot lol, I actually tohught that when I started listening to them... He seems like he doens`t even takes an effort to sing, it seems like it comes out naturally... Don`t cry (1987 version), So Fine, Knockin on heavens door, Breakdown, Estranged... I mean so many others, just look at the video... His voice always leaves me speachless, that`s what a call a real gift... Axl was made to be a singer... No singer has this caracterist of Axl, being singing and sounding like a completely diferent person in ever song...

Now James... he is just another sing that makes me go wow, just like Axl, I don`t find his voice as versatile as Axl, but I find it equally good, there`s pratically no diference between the studio and the live version of Metallica`s songs, and if there is, it`s defenitely for the best... I tihnk that no singer could fit Metallica as James, no one will ever be as good as him for the band... Just like Axl, he doesn`t even seems to make an efort while singing... His voice is just marvelous, it wows me... Every time that I listen to him singing it looks like it is the first time ever, I always get that :O that I got the first time I listened to him!

So who are your favorite singer? Don`t answer the ones you think that are techincally better, but the ones you love to hear the msot, just like me =)

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