Awsome hemp bracelet (how to)

4 years ago

step 1. cut 2 pieces of hemp (8 feet for bracelet-15 feet for choker necklace-10 feet for anklet)
step 2. fold both strands in half
3.tie folded part into one knot
4.there should be 4 strands, the 2 in the middle are base strands, the 2 on the edges are not
5.cross the left strand over the two base strands leaving a loop on the left
6.cross the right strand over the left strand
7.pass the right strand under the two base strands and up through the loop on the left
8.pull both outside strands to tighten the knot
9. continue steps 5-8
(additional info: to add beads just slip the bead onto your base strands and continue knotting OR slip it over all 4 strands and continue.

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