Awkward Season 2: Team Matty or Team Jake?

It`s midnight and I`ve almost been through the entire first season of Awkward from MTV (I`m on the last episode). There`s no possible way that I`m the only one on here that watches this amazing show! Shows like this and Teen Wolf are often overlooked because they`re on MTV and MTV is notorious for airing the dumbest shows in history. But they`re great shows! Awkward is SO adorable. It`s about this girl named Jenna, and she`s, I think a junior this season, anyways, here`s a season 1 recap. She`s basically in love with Matty. Matty used to just hook up with her and then ignore her in public. Then he started being cute and adorable with her and then his bff Jake started liking Jenna. Actually, Jake has liked Jenna since he met her. And he`s always been sweet and adorable. Then there`s the winter formal, and that`s a LONG story. And I really don`t remember what happened in this last episode because I`m not done with it :) I haven`t seen Awkward since last year when it aired! Anyways, I can`t decide which team I`m on- Team Matty or Jake. I fall in love with Matty everytime he`s on the screen. Even though he used to be a douche bag to Jenna, he came out to be a really nice guy. And Jake has always been a nice guy, soooo I`m indecisive. And I clearly have no life because I get SO into tv shows like this. The characters just seem so realistic to me and tv shows are always so much better than my reality. I`d take a Matty and Jake dilemma over my reality any day. So, since I`m now completely off topic, if you don`t watch this show, WATCH IT. Season 2 starts June 28 at 10:30/9:30c. And if you do watch it, and are absolutely in love like I am, which team are you on? Help me decide :D

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