Awesome Watermelon Helmet

5 years ago

I`m the kind of person that likes to incentive creativity and new ideas... (and I say this like if what I say influences anyone xD) So instead of the same old and regular things, I like to have things that are cool, unique, creative and different from anything... Just like this helmet that is painted with a watermelon pattern.

I don`t like to eat watermelon... I never liked and I think I never will like. I just can`t understand what is the pleasure to eat something that tastes just like water... I mean, for me it is tasteless. Besides that, you need to avoid to snap all those black grains... It is annoying xD

But I remember when I was a kid, almost on every cartoon, there was at least one episode where the characters used the "shell" of a watermelon as a helmet and I always thought that it was a cool use to give to a watermelon. Obviously, I never tried to do that... But now, with this helmet, I can finally have the opportunity to try to have a dangerous adventure with a watermelon visual xD

The only thing that actually keeps me away from that experience is the price of the helmet. It costs $60. I mean, it is very cool, really unique and may be funny... But $60? Who would pay $60 for it? I wouldn`t.

And you? What do you think of this helmet? Would you pay that much for it?

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