Awesome Twine Light Fixtures!

5 years ago

I was at a local restaurant the other day, and they had these awesome light fixtures! They sort of look like they are made of twine, but could be made of wood or wire. If you Google "twine light fixtures" you`ll see a lot of similar examples of homemade versions of these light fixtures). I don`t know what the brand or designer of these light fixtures are, but they seem like something Ikea would make! I can`t find anything similar on their website, though, hmm!

Personally, I think these light fixtures look gorgeous in a large room or wide-open space, but not in an average-sized house. Part of the appeal of these fixtures is having several of them in the same room, where they softly reflect light and look like glowing orbs floating in the sky. That`s another thing - having a huge picture window behind them makes them look even more beautiful! So, a set-up like this would not be feasible for my home, because I lack the wide-open space and large window. I could see myself getting, or even making, a much smaller light fixture like this to hang in a living room or den. I`ll be moving house soon, so it`s something I`m going to be thinking about. :)

<strong>What do you think of these light fixtures? Would you use something similar in your own home?</strong>

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