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5 years ago

this app is a must have for anyone trying to lose weight and get in shape! i got this app about a month ago and i`ve been using it almost everyday since because it`s just such a good way to keep track of the calories you`ve burned and consumed.

when you first start using it, you set it up with basic info like your current weight & height, your goal weight, activity level, etc. it assigns you a net calorie limit that it thinks you should stick to based on your level of activity. i ended up going back and changing mine because it only allowed me 1250 or so calories which is just a little too much of a cutback for me right off the bat. i set mine to 1500 calories.

every time you open the app, it goes to the home page, which shows how many calories you have remaining for the day as well as a pie chart that shows the distribution of carbs, fat, protein, and other nutrients.

what i think is really awesome about this app is how you input the foods you eat for every meal. you can look from already inputted items - there are a lot! - and if available you can even scan a bar code and that will automatically bring up the nutritional information without you having to type any of it in. i`ve never typed in any information - i kinda just guesstimate if there`s something that isn`t already in their database and use something i think is close enough.

you can also add calories burned from cardiovascular exercise and the app will calculate your net calories for you for the day.

i highly recommend this app! it`s really encouraging me to live a healthier lifestyle :)

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