Avril Lavigne`s new video - Hello Kitty

2 years ago

Hey guys!

Have you seen the new music video for Avrils new single Hello Kitty? I saw it today and let me tell you its super cute and super girly and pink. If you dont like extreme pop music, that sometimes is irritable, you probably will not like this song not the music itself.

There is a controversy around this video; since it was filmed in Japan some people are saying that it is racist. I dont think it is racist, but it is indeed very stereotyped with that image that north America has of Japan and the Asian culture in general.

I love some Avril songs, specially the old ones, but I have to admit that this one is definitely not my cup of tea when it comes to lyrics or style of music. And I love pop music, dont get me wrong, but Im pretty sure lots of people like it, Im just really not a big fan.

I do think is a fun video, I mean, it`s probably very stupid and cliché, but she is having fun and I think this is the main idea of the song? Maybe? Maybe not? I dont know, for me it`s a little cringey, not going to lie.

You know what is funny about that, in the comments you can see people discussing if this is racist or not, like they are experts on the subject, because, you know, everybody is an expert on anything nowadays with internet and being able to voice your opinion. I just think that if you dont know enough about something just dont talk about it, people, LOL.

Anyways let me know what you guys think


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Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiaYDPRedWQ

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