Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick Haul Lip Swatches

4 years ago

Alright... here is part 2 of my Avon Haul! =)
We have 6 Ultra Color Rich lipsticks I purchased from Avon.
(I am NOT a rep, nor did I receive these items for free, I purchased these items with my own money)

My Avon Rep: Latia Jarmon
(if you do NOT have a representative.... register @ her website & then shop)

Items I Purchased:

Never So Nude
Pink Pop
Fuchsia Fun
Kicked Up Coral
Impactful Poppy

In order of pictures above.
Picture 1. side by side picture of my 6 new Avon ultra color rich lipsticks.
Picture 2. a close up of the colors side by side
Picture 3. swatches on my arm of the lipsticks in order (with flash)
Picture 4. swatches on my arm in order (without flash)
Picture 5. Lipstick #1. Never So Nude swatched on my arm
Picture 6. Lipstick #1 lip swatch
Picture 7. a close up of lipstick #1 (never so nude)
Picture 8. Lipstick#2. Wink swatched on my arm
Picture 9. Lipstick #2 lip swatch
Picture 10. a close up of lipstick #2 (wink)
Picture 11. Lipstick#3. Pink Pop swatched on my arm
Picture 12. Lipstick #3 lip swatch
Picture 13. a close up of lipstick #3 (pink pop)
Picture 14. Lipstick #4. Fuchsia Fun swatched on my arm
Picture 15. Lipstick #4 lip swatch
Picture 16. a close up of lipstick #4 (fuchsia fun)
Picture 17. Lipstick#5. Kicked Up Coral swatched on my arm
Picture 18. Lipstick #5 lip swatch
Picture 19. a close up of lipstick #5 (kicked up coral)
Picture 20. Lipstick#6. Impactful Poppy swatched on my arm
Picture 21. Lipstick #6 lip swatch
Picture 22. a close up of lipstick #6 (impactful poppy)

**** Special Thanks to my friend Nichole for allowing me to do the lip swatches on her ****

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