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5 years ago

I just got these new things in the mail from Avon today and I wanted to make a quick blog about it for you guys! So, let`s start.

This haul contains:
Jillian Dempsey For Avon Professional Perfect Contour Powder
Foot Works Beautiful: Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask
Foot Works Beautiful: Creamy Powder Lotion
Clearskin: Blemish Clearing Spot Treatment
Mega Impact Eyeshadow Palette: Berry Electric
Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss: Player
Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss: Peach
Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss: Gold
Heart Necklace
Moon & Stars Necklace

Haul Review:
1. Jillian Dempsey Professional Perfect Contour Powder -
I have been searching for a good contour powder for MONTHS and I couldn`t find one I liked. But, when I was reading my Avon magazine a couple weeks ago I saw this contour palette and I almost had a heart attack trying to buy it. This has to be the best contouring palette I`ve seen lately. I love the colors on it, they`re so pigmented, bright, and really bring out your cheekbones. I really adore this palette and I don`t think I`ll be using anything else for a while.

2. Foot Works Beautiful: Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask & Creamy Powder Lotion -
First, I have to say.. I LOVE foot products. I love being able to give myself little pedicures and feel pretty when I wear sandals in the summer time. I`ve had a lot of foot products in my time, but I have never loved any other foot scrubs/washes/masks, etc but Avon`s. Avon makes wonderful foot products with their Foot Works line. I have just about every single Foot Works scent and line. I couldn`t stress enough about how much I adore this things. The paraffin treatment mask and creamy powder lotion are one of my favorites. The mask isn`t oily or sticky at all. It`s a water based texture and extraordinary! The powder lotion is one of a kind as well. It goes on like a lotion but turns into a powder so it doesn`t leave that sticky feeling regular lotion gives and then you can`t go anywhere until it drys. Who likes that? Nobody! Which is why this powder trick is AMAZING! I love how my feet feel when I use these products. If you need a foot mask or a foot lotion that you can use and go without everything sticking to your feet, don`t hesitate to get these ones. It`ll be worth it!

3. Clearskin: Blemish Clearing Spot Treatment -
Okay, I just got this product so I don`t exactly know the results of it right now. But, once I get results after a week or so. I`ll be sure to make a post just about that and the effects of it! So stay tuned.

4: Mega Impact Eyeshadow Palette: Berry Electric -
Wow, what can I say about this eyeshadow? Everything! This has to be the prettiest eyeshadow mixture I`ve seen in a while, and trust me, I had my fair share of eyeshadows. I love the colors it has. It has a pretty pink and a dark purpleish pink. It has the perfect pigments to it. They don`t over power your eyes like others, but they make your eyes pop no matter what eye color you have. I can easily say it`s one of my favorites and you`ll love it too! Give it a try.

5: Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss: Player, Peach & Gold -
I don`t normally go for lip gloss because they leave a sticky residue and just taste HORRIBLE. But, I have a huge exception to these lip glosses by Mark. from Avon. They are SO beautiful. The colors are so pretty and just compliment your lips. Another thing I can`t adore more about it? It`s MINT flavored! How wonderful is that? It`s so delicious. Now, if you don`t like the flavor of mint, then these aren`t for you. But, I happen to love mint because I love the cooling sensation it gives my lips. These lip glosses also don`t have a sticky residue like I previously stated which makes them #1 in lip gloss for me.

6: Heart Necklace & Moon & Stars Necklace -
Not much to say about these except for CUTE! I love these necklaces. They`re really dainty and elegant. They have a nice sized chain as well. Who hates when you buy a pretty necklace you can`t wait to wear but it ends up being too small and starts choking you? I`m pretty sure everyone. But, these aren`t like that. If you`re looking for a cute and stylish necklace, be sure to give this a look!

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