Avon Eyeliner Glimmersticks Review amp Swatches

4 years ago

**Sorry for the low quality pictures .. The lighting is kind of bad .
*Photos are mine

So these three Eyeliners are all from Avon Glimmersticks, and are in the colors: Black, Blackest Black, and Blackest Night . They`re not shimmery its just the name, and I love them ! I reccommend them a lot ! The one I like the most is the Glimmersticks liqui-glide in Black (the last one) . It was broken when I first opened it, but I love how dark and smooth it goes on ! AND NO SMEARING !! Which is amazing !! I got it for $5.99 so I was very happy about it ! (: I usually get eyeliners for about $7 up ! So I was very happy ! The other two Avon eyeliners ! I like them a lot too ! Avon go4 Blackest Night (the First one) is the waterproof one, and it is actually very different from the other two . It is the lightest one from the 3, I guess because it being water proof and all, but it is still pretty dark ! Which I like a lot ! The blackest black Avon GO1 (the middle one), is a little darker than the first one, but its just about the same as the waterproof one it is honestly no different, except for one is waterproof and one is not . I got these two for $3.99 each ! Which I LOVE !! I thought it was a major steal ! I love it a lot ! These two don`t smear throughout the day, but I feel like I have to re-apply them more than I do with the Liqui- Glide, which isn`t too much . But I still love these eyeliners a lot ! I reccommend them very much ! I honestly think they work as good as ULTA`s eyeliner, they work just about the same, but cheaper ! And for the Glimmerstick liqui-glide eyeliner, I think it works just about the same as Maybelines eyeliner (the green one, but without the smearing & smudging) .

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