AVIA Running Shoes, Keep or Return ?

4 years ago

Hey guys ! So summer is nearly ending, actually not really. In a month, but still, it feels like summer is ending ! Anyways , that means homework, drama, and PE. dun dun dun duuuunnnn. I am not athletic person and I don`t think I`ll ever be a star athlete, however, I would love to run a mile without dying at the end ya know ? That`s why their is still time, I want to run in the morning at least two times a week. Du-able right ? Anyways, my "athletic" shoes that I got two years ago gave out, so I am in dear need of new running shoes. However, I don`t want to spend $60+ on running shoes, that will end up getting dirty. I rather spend some of that money shopping LOL.

So of course I had to check my TJ MAXX, Marshalls, and Ross to see if they had any running shoes. Nothing really at my TJ MAXX or Marshalls, but they had alot at Ross. Never noticed they sold running shoes whenever I was at ross, cause I always payed attention to the cute heels and sandals and etc. So the ones I really liked that I saw for only $30 was these Reebok ones that were super comfy. However, were a size to small. I was so sad ! I ended up getting these AVIA shoes for $23. Cheap right ? I like these too. They are light weight, perfect fit, and quite cute, i love the colors. However, trying them at home, I noticed that it doesn`t really have a sole that conforms to my feet. They are still nice, but I still don`t know if I should keep or return.

What do you guys think ? Keep or return ?
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