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4 years ago

So let me start off with this:

Now that I have my fangirling out of the way, here is my review.

I went into the Avengers never having seen any of the movies on the individual characters. Before you destroy me in the comments, hear me out. I thought the movie did an excellent job of keeping the people like me who hadn`t seen any Marvel movies from being too confused. Sure, if you had seen the other movies there were some stuff that was funny or made more sense, but over all if the Avengers is your first Marvel movie your fine. The Avengers did make me run home and watch all of the prior movies and OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD! I`m such a superhero nerd now.

After watching all the movies (excluding The Hulk cause everybody said it wasn`t good) , I went back and saw The Avengers with my friend and I did get a lot out of it. So, if you have the option, watch the previous Marvel movies first. It`s not really a requirement, but you will enjoy the movie more if you have seen Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, and Captain America.

I really didn`t know what to expect from this movie. I kinda was thinking it would just be a bunch of guys beating up aliens and a whole lot of explosions. While it did have some of that, the movie was also funny and witty and had an amazing story line. The best part is that for a good chunk of the first part consist of The Avengers beating each other up which is always a good time. I went on opening weekend, and our theater was PACKED, yet every single person in that 300 seat movie theater was laughing, crying, and oohin & ahing together. It had the perfect mix of funny and action so it wasn`t a comedy, but it still wasn`t an in-your-face action movie either.

The cast was simply amazing. They all played off each other so well and all the actors purely morphed into their characters and produced a movie that was enjoyable to watch.

Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark who is Iron Man. Robert is so naturally funny and sarcastic that the way he delivers Tony`s comments was just perfect. He has the cocky, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist (see what I did there?) kind of attitude with that underlying guilt from what he saw while he was a prisoner (reasons why you need to see Iron Man). Tony and Steve (Captain America) had this amazing yet hilarious friendship that was so cool to watch because you have Steve from WWII and Tony who is like the technology of the future right next to each other and it just makes you go "WHAT?" but at the same time your like "THAT IS SO COOL!"

Scarlet Johanson plays Natasha Romanoff (the Black Widow), a S.H.I.E.L.D agent with a not so bright past. First off, this is the most bad ass female character EVER. She freakin` beat up Russians while tied to a chair IN A DRESS. Scarlet needs to just keep her hair red cause it`s really pretty. She is just amazing, I have no words.

Jeremy Renner (my baby) plays Clint Barton (Hawkeye), another S.H.I.E.L.D agent who is good friends with Natasha. First off, I need to get this out of my system, JEREMY RENNER`S BUTT IS PERFECT. Aside from that, he has some serious acting skill. To be able to be good, then evil, then good again takes some effort. (not going into much of that cause spoilers). Archery FTW.

Tom Hiddleston plays Loki and he was every bit (if not more) amazing at the role as he was in Thor. Loki is Thor`s adopted brother turned evil who has come to take over the earth. I love this character because I feel everyone can relate to him. Maybe not the fact that he`s evil or a god, but the fact that he grew up under the shadow of somebody else, never being able to live up to his amazing brother. That being said, I`m sick of people saying all Loki needed was a hug. Did you not watch the movie?? Thor tried, multiple times, to get Loki to come back with him to Asgard and be his brother again but Loki wouldn`t do it.

Mark Rufalo played Bruce Banner who is the Hulk. He was amazing and that is all there is too it. He is so good at acting terrified of "the other guy" and yet being able to convey a sort of acceptance of him at the same time. I`m not even going to go into the Bruce and Tony science bros bromance, cause then we would be here for hours.

Chris Evans plays Steve Rodgers, also known as Captain America. And let me just say he is so adorable. Steve was a super-soldier in WWII and he became frozen in ice in a coma state from the time of the war until now. He is very confused by modern day technology which makes him and Tony (who is the technology man) fighting side by side the coolest thing ever.

Christ Hemsworth (last one I promise) plays Thor who is the god of thunder from the land of Asgard. Like I said before, he is the brother of Loki. Thor is just about as clueless about things as Steve which makes him adorable and Chris isn`t bad either. Thor and Iron Man have this huge fight scene and it`s really cool and the graphics are super good on that scene.

The movie was directed by Joss Whedon and he was flawless. I don`t even have words to describe him.

The editing was amazing, the cinematography was perfect, and overall the movie was just GREAT.

I give the Avengers 10756390562057365028999 stars. Go see it. Now.

Also, stay through BOTH sets of credits. You won`t regret it. And watch for this one scene in the big final battle where the camera pans through NYC showing all the avengers fighting in different locations and it really shows how they`ve become a team yet they`re spread out. It`s cool, so just look for it.

So for sure go see Avengers cause it`s amazing.

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