Aveeno Posistively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

5 years ago

This is one of my favorite cleansing products in my skin regimen. Exfoliation is very important to my skin although I can overdo it by exfoliating everyday I love this product for weekly use.

These self foaming cleansing pads help brighten and even out your skin complexion. I had blemishes on my forehead from previous breakout. I use a lot of oil in my hair and the oil would run down onto my face causing breakouts. I minimized my oil use and started using these pads again ( I used them in the past, but stopped for a while.)
It helped to clear up my blemishes overtime and I loved that.

There are two sides on each pad one for exfoliation and the other for smoothing the skin. Also great for removing makeup.

These pads can be used everyday. I can`t exfoliate everyday so I use the smooth side mostly. I just save the other side for the day that I exfoliate.

Tip: To make these last cut each pad into two parts they will last longer. and you will still get full benefits.

They smell great and I rate them 5 star. My complexion has evened out and become brighter.

(I will insert a picture later my skin gets really sensitive in the spring and summer and right now my face is irritated Not Acne breakout. It just the heat.)

Love these pads and they have changed the look of the packaging I love it. Same formula though. i can`t wait to try the positively radiant moisturizer it`s about $14.00 though. :/

If you have used this product feel free to share your experience. God Bless.

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