Aveda Invati System Review

4 years ago

Aveda`s Invati Hair Loss Treatment System claims to be clinically proven to reduce hair loss and breakage by 33%*. Unlike other hair loss systems it is also 97%* naturally derived. Sounds intriguing....

Main Ingredients:
Aveda`s "Densiplex"
Turmeric- Used in India as an anti- irritant and is known for its soothing properties.
Ginseng- Used in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-stress reliever ( thumbs up for hair loss due to hormonal imbalances such as stress), promotes circulation, and antioxidant
Ayurvedic herbs- Not sure what this is a combination of.
The System:
Shampoo $24.00 200 ml/6.7 fl oz - Sulfate free and Paraben free. It`s main purpose is to exfoliate using "wintergreen derived salicylic acid". I don`t know what wintergreen is suppose to be--perhaps a more gentle form of salicylic acid? Salicylic acid is a well known exfoliating agent mainly used for the skin to help boost the cell turnover process--therefore minimizing pores. A common ingredient found in acne--oily skin products.
It`s interesting that they choose to use it on hair, but out of the three products this one seems to yield the most immediate results. It has this wonderful tingling feeling that you find with most hair loss products but its not overpoweringly stinging like other hair loss products that use other chemicals to stimulate the scalp. I normally wash my hair every other day since it is long (longest layer hits my waist) and prone to dryness. By the second day I normally have this annoying itching feeling in my scalp from dryness or oiliness depending on the weather---but I`ve experienced neither since using this!
Conditioner $24.00 200 ml/6.7 fl oz - Paraben free. It`s main purpose is to thicken and improve elasticity in the hair to reduce breakage. Using guar, palm and grapeseed to thicken; Arginine derived from sugar beets and soy protein to help with elasticity.
This is definitely my least favorite product. It doesn`t help detangle or feel like its hydrating the hair at all. With the first step being a really deep cleansing shampoo I would think that moisture would be a considered as a top ingredient. But I can see how they thought breakage and thickening the hair fits into the system...I just wish they`d just add some hydration!
Scalp Revitalizer $60.00 150 ml/5 fl oz- Paraben free. Main function is to improve circulation in the scalp to stimulate hair growth. They use "Densiplex" and Vit E oil to allow the ingredients to penetrate better while giving fluidity for the scalp massage.
The number one thing I hate is putting things on my scalp-- I always feel like treatments are too oily or they make my roots stiff and my hair harder to work with. But this treatment definitely deserves to stand in its own category. It doesn`t feel like anything after you massage it in---I repeat..it feels like nothing! Other than the wonderful tingly sensation that you get while you`re massaging your scalp. My only gripe is that they suggest you spray this 8 times on EACH side of your head. For being the most expensive part of the system at --I think they should make it last with the rest of your products. I`ve used mine for 2 weeks and it`s more than halfway gone :(
Overrall Review: 3.5/5 stars
Taking one star away for the Conditoner`s lack of being able to condition.
Taking 1/2 a star for the steep price point of the Scalp Revitalizer which won`t even last me a month when used for the suggested amount.
The smell makes your hair smell like an herbal shop but I don`t mind because its fresh and relaxing.
In the 2 weeks that I`ve religiously used the system I have noticed a significantly less amount of hair coming out during the shower and when I comb my hair. When I would run my hands through my hair after showering I used to be able to make a hairball and now just a few strands! The baby hairs around my face seem to be getting thicker and longer! Finally! I would say that if you wanted to try the system definitely substitute the conditioner or apply a hydrating hair mask 1-2x a week-- which you normally should anyways, but now you have more of an excuse to treat your hair better! :)

Source link: http://www.aveda.com/product/8419/24550/Collections/Invati%3Csup%3ETM%3C/sup%3E/index.tmpl?cm_mmc=Pricegrabber-_-Null-_-Null-_-N

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