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5 years ago

Hi again!
Finally i decided to watch it!
Yeah that`s right, i haven`t watched until last week, not in 3D but in blu-ray.
Well i now understand all the fuss that was generated around this movie, awesome landscapes, state of the art graphics and nice plot!
In the moon Pandora can be found the Unobtanium which is a super conductive and rare rock that have amazing properites.
But the Pandora people lives in that moon and don`t want to see their land destroyed by humans and they will do everything to stop. But the humans have a way to understand the resident people, that is an avatar, the human enters in hyper sleep and wake up in a NaVi habitants to try to understand them to learn they week spots to destroy them.
It`s a nice movie of about 3 hours, be sure to have a huge popcorn bucket while you watch it!
I recommend it to everyone!!

Have you seen it?
What do you think?

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