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I absolutely want to blog and brag about this. Well atleast I want to brag about the antivirus I prefer.

First off, let me just get it out there, I HATE NORTON! Not only does it cost real money, but it allows a bunch of things in to your PC! Then to top it off, their customer service is horrible!

That way I see it is like this, if I`m paying for an antivirus, then this antivirus allows something in to my computer, I feel that I have the right to complain about it! When this NORTON antivirus would allow things to come in, I would call their customer care line and the staff was always rude and they were just on a sales agenda! They kept telling me that I MUST pay them over 300.00 additional dollars to get one of their certified technicians to fix the problem.

When I would tell them, that as a paying customer, and that I demanded some sort of free help... they would just insist even further that I pay them more money! That to me, is a fraud!

Up until this one man, the one that had to fix my computer about seven times (and at that time the misleading applications were big and really hurting many computers), because of NORTON allowing bad things come through, he suggested I just get AVAST!

AND BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I have had AVAST ANTIVIRUS for over two years now! NOT ONCE has it allowed anything to come through, not even the misleading applications that hurt my computer all the time.

The misleading applications are those pop ups that people get, they state that you have viruses and to click "OK" to remove them, even if you try getting rid of it by pressing on CTRL+F4, it`ll still give you the virus! Even if just turn off your computer, the virus is in!

Well, this AVAST ANTIVIRUS has kept me problem free for over two years now! Only once I had a problem with it, because apparently it had captured something, but I kept getting a pop up message. I called in and couldn`t get help. I posted a review on a popular review site, and within a day they called me back and gave me a free computer upgrade over the phone, so my computer could run even faster and admitted that it was a technical difficulty they were going through at the moment!

Now that`s real customer service right there! I RECOMMEND AVAST 100%!

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