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5 years ago

Autumn Concerto is a Taiwanese drama, first realeased in 2009 with 21 episodes in total. This drama had received high ratings in Taiwan and have broken records as the second most highest-rating drama series. Autumn Concerto is one of my favorite drama and I had to watch it over again after I finished it XD. The drama stars Vanness Wu and Ady An as the main leads.
Autumn Concerto is about an agrogant lawyer,Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) that is from a family of wealth and future head of a famous business, and also a talented hockey player too. Everything seems perfect for him, perfect future and life, but to him; he`s lonely. When you first watch this drama you will probably hate him, because of his personality. Then is gets interesting when he meets Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), this girl that is basically the opposite of him. She is poor, but she doesn`t let her past or anything else get in her way of achieving her goals. She isn`t those typical main female leads that you might findd in common dramas, that the girl would chase after the guy or something. No, this is different, it only took an innocent bet, that brought those two together. Slowly as they get to know each other, they fell in love with each other. They also face many challenges as their relationship grows and tests their love for each other too. Everything then goes on and be perfect, but then something you`ll not expect will pop up and leads up a change of course in the drama. Of course the writer have to throw something tragic in to make the story exceed, which make me go into a love/hate with this drama XD. Does this happen to you? Anyways, I would tell you the event that made the drama hit the "climax" or something like that, that made the main part of the drama continue, but for those of you that haven`t watch it, I think it might be a spoiler so my lips pr words are sealed!
I REALLY recommend this drama it`s really sets itself from other asian dramas and it also have a deep meaning about life and love.
I will be doing other dramas too, like write an article or blog like this or a review if you want just request a drama down below! If you have watched this drama, I would love to know what`s your opinion about it!
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