Automobile: 1921 ROLLS-ROYCE

Rolls Royce cars were typically built in London, England. I`ve actually heard of these babies just from reading old mystery books! Some reason they always drove Rolls Royce cars in those, but some may have been a more modern design :)
During the 1920`s, the company would make custom Rolls-Royce cars for those big rich men. Pretty much the 1% in those days ;) They would create any car body out of any metal in whatever specifications the big rich men wanted. This one was made with a sort of polished rose gold metal. This beast looks so luxurious and beautiful, but it probably wouldn`t take you very far.

<strong>Price in 1921: $16,000</strong>

I can`t even imagine the price now. However, we had a little debate in our tour group. I think it wouldn`t be worth too much more now compared to the other automobiles in the museum. It`s really just the cost of material and custom design that made it so expensive back then.

<em>What do you think? Is the value of this car more in the history or more for the materials and custom design?</em>

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