Automobile: 1903 Ford quotAquot Rear Entrance Tonneau!

Today I`m starting a short series of a few old engines I saw at the <strong> National Automobile Museum in Nevada. </strong> I never had a huge interests in cars before. It`s one of those things I would struggle to pay attention to when my boyfriend`s telling me a fascinating day he had fixing up some old beat up car with his friends. I can appreciate the final product they manage to come up with and how much time and effort it takes for them to fix up the cars, but all the details during the whole process . I`ll put it this way, it`s the same as how guys probably appreciate our final makeup look or outfit, but wouldn`t really be interested in hearing about the products we used to achieve the look or where we bought all our clothes from ;)

<strong>ON TO THE CAR!</strong>

This is a 1903 Ford. It looks a lot different from Ford cars we have today. You`ll notice that there aren`t any windows, and that`s because these engines didn`t run as fast as cars do today. You didn`t have to worry about things flying into your face because this car didn`t go very fast. This beautiful automobile was <strong>made in Ford`s first year of production!</strong> In 1903, automobiles weren`t being mass produced like they are now. Not a lot of Americans could afford owning an automobile. It wasn`t just the expense of purchasing one, but the cost to maintain and repair it. There also weren`t proper roads built for automobiles at the time.

<strong>Price in 1903: $850</strong>

They didn`t reveal the current price of any of these automobiles. I`m sure they`re worth a lot now, but in my opinion they`re really priceless engines and a great part of American history. I really love the quilted leather seats, the gorgeous red color, and gold details. They don`t make cars like this anymore, even in these colors. If they did, I`d love to own one :)

<em>Can you imagine the car you`re driving now being in a museum years from now? I sure can`t!</em>

<strong>*IMAGES TAKEN BY ME & WATERMARKED FOR CREDIT. Feel free to use :)</strong>

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