Automatic Eyeliner Comparisons: Rimmel, Maybelline, NYX, and Ulta brand

5 years ago

so after my last review of an automatic eyeliner pencil i was kindof turned off by the whole thing and just went back to lining my eyes with shadow, but after awhile shit just got messy so now i`m back on a whole eyeliner kick! so i`m gonna be comparing the four that i`ve bought recently in the order that i got them.

let me just say now the purpose for which i use eyeliner. i only line my upper lashline with these. either just a blunt line or i wing it out. i do not tightline, nor line my waterline. so for those who do use eyeliner for this purpose i`m sorry, this comparison review won`t be of any use to you :/

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Noir:
i honestly bought this on a whim. saw it, it said waterproof, it`s an automatic pencil. cool. lets buy it. it was 8 dollars at walgreens (i found it for like 5 something at target later on and i wanted to kick myself in the teeth for it). so, the formula of the pencil isn`t all that smooth, it tugs a little but i was able to work with it. i actually used to just smudge it on and then clean it up with a small smudge brush to make the line a little more clean and to create a wing because i simply couldn`t do it with the pencil alone. after maybe a few weeks of using it every day i started to see that it would transfer to my lower lash line. it didn`t used to smudge when i started using it so once it did i started to look at other options

NYX Collection Noir Glossy Black Liner in BEL01:
i was at Ulta hoping to pick up the Ulta brand auto pencil but they were out so i was walking around looking for something i could purchase instead. i picked out this pencil out of the new Collection Noir line. it didn`t say waterproof it only said "budge-proof wear" on the box (i think. budge or smudge) so i was a little hesitant but i got it anyways because i tried the tester on my hand and holy CRAP it was pigmented and smooth like crazy. this one out of the four is by far the blackest, smoothest one. but because it`s soooo creamy, it just calls for smudging. i can`t wear this for more than maybeee an hour or two before i start seeing black smudges under my eyes. and i can`t wipe it away. it`s just there till i take off my makeup (i guess thats the budgeproof aspect -__-) and i don`t like having to worry about my makeup throughout the day so i knew i couldn`t stick with this. i got it for about 4-5 dollars on sale at Ulta.

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx:
so this i think is a new product and it claims to be glide-on smooth, waterproof, and long lasting. now compared to the NYX pencil, it is a tad drier. but honestly they`re both pretty creamy. it`s not as black but it`s still pretty pigmented. i found that the formulation however to be inconsistent. some days it would go on very smoothly, and other days it will tug on my lids. even after warming it up on the back of my hand. a trick that i found is after applying your eye primer apply the liner right after before it dries completely to get a really smooth application. i noticed that when my primer has dried, it tends to make the liner skip a little. the smudging wasn`t as bad as the NYX one but after maybe like 5 hours i started to notices a tad bit under my eyes. it also noticeably fades throughout the day and it`s the only one out of the four that does that. i even wore this to Great America last week because it was said to be waterproof. and it didn`t smudge too bad after all the water rides i was on but by the end of the day i definitely had raccoon eyes that i couldn`t wipe away either. another thing to note that if you try and go over your line again to make it darker, it will skip and won`t be smooth so prepare for some cleaning up if you make your line a little wonky. so, i would probably buy this one if i couldn`t find anything else that was better at the time. this was about 5-6 dollars at target.

Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Black:
so i only got this one yesterday (it was on sale for 3 bucks! originally 8) but i did have a good experience with it yesterday so i decided to throw it in anyways. if anything else happens i`ll make another post. so this is probably the least pigmented at first out of the four. but it builds up pretty quickly. and it`s also very smooth as well, i didn`t have any difficulty winging out my liner and i could go over it as many times to make it dark and it was still smooth. i applied it arounddd maybe 2 in the afternoon and when i checked my makeup around 7-8 at night i had slight SLIGHT smudging under my eyes. like if i had left it i probably would have been fine but i was totally able to just wipe it away and my lower lash line was clean again. totally crazy and definitely gave it some positive points in my book.

in a way, the order of the liners also reflects my ranking of the four from worst to best as well as being chronological haha, i hope this helps anyone out there looking for pencil liners, i know it`s so long!

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