August Glymm Bag 2012

4 years ago

This month my Glymm bag actually came before my topbox. I received it about 2 weeks ago! My apologies for not posting sooner, but at least I can tell you more about the products now that I`ve had some time with them. This month`s bag was a black shiny vinyl (?) with an embossed diamond pattern on it.

This month I got:
- Mai Couture Foundation papers
- Vitamin & Sea Mineral Clay Mask
- BENTABERRY G-1 moisturizing Face cream for boys and girls - Regulating line
- NAKED PRINCESS Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss
- The Laundress Delicate Wash
- Atelier Cologne in the fragrance Vanille Incense

Honestly I was a bit disappointed this month ESPECIALLY after I saw that some people got a Cocolily full sized polish instead of the cologne and laundry detergent. I would have traded those two products for a polish in a heartbeat. Although the laundry detergent is supposedly "luxury," I don`t think it belongs in a beauty box. Also, I`ve received Atelier Cologne in a previous box before in a different scent. I think the teeny perfume samples that come in the tubes are kind of useless. I much prefer perfume samples that at least come in miniature bottles. I will say that it doesn`t smell bad though so a huge step up from the CK Shock samples they sent before (shockingly bad...). The mai couture foundation papers were another let down since I received blush papers before in a previous box. They`re nice, but with only 2 sheets they`re pretty much a one time use thing, two if you use sparingly.

I liked the face cream this month, but it wasn`t anything super extraordinary? I have yet to try the mud mask, I`m a bit hesitant since someone said it was a bit drying. I have very dry skin so I really don`t want to dry it anymore haha. I will however suck it up and try the mask eventually! I also liked the naked princess gloss. A lot of people complained about the size, but I`m glad it`s miniature since I`ve been forcing myself to finish all my lip products before buying more!

I hope next month glymm wows me! Lately they`ve been on and off, on and off lol. They seem to alternate every month.

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