August Beauty Favorites

4 years ago

Hey everybody, so crazy that it`s already August! I wanted to share with everyone the products that I just keep reaching for this month, I hope you all enjoy.

MUFE HD Foundation-This foundation is amazing! I have tried so many foundations and this is definitely one I`ll be repurchasing. It has amazing coverage and makes your skin look so flawless with not too much product at all. It is a little pricey but completely worth it. Available at for $42.

Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight- This is one of my favorite lip glosses of all time. Its a beautiful nude pinky kind of color and pairs well with any look. The application is great and I really like how the gloss itself isn`t sticky. You can pick this up at for $24.

Benefit High Beam- This is the perfect product for anyone looking to add a little glow to their face. Its a very pretty pearly luminizer and just a couple dots on your brow bone and cheeks can make you look so radiant! Its also easy to blend with foundation and is definitely not too much like some other highlighters can be. Available at for $26.

Benefit Bella Bamba blush- I don`t think I have really used any blush BUT this one in a long time. I`m in love with the watermelon pink color and I don`t know if this is just me but it smells like strawberries ;) Available at for $28.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen- I don`t know about you, but I am not the greatest at applying liquid eyeliner no matter how much practice I`ve had. A few years ago I came across MAC Pen Ultimate and I was instantly in love. Ever since I moved, the closest MAC store is an hour drive away so I picked this little pen up in a Walgreens and let me tell you, its amazing! I actually like this even better than MAC`s, it goes on smoother and the tip doesn`t get worn as fast. I also love the price! Its available anywhere Revlon is sold for around $7, much better than $18 for a Pen Ultimate.

MAC eyeshadow in TRAX- I`m sure everyone has used MAC eyeshadow so won`t go in detail with the product itself, but I`m loving this color! Its a burgundy plum with a gold shimmer and is extremely versatile. Couldn`t love it more, go check it out at, $15 for pot/$12 for refill :)

MAC pigment in Mauvement- I am the biggest sucker for MAC`s collections and I believe this came out of a holiday one. I didn`t really like the color in the bottle just stuck it in my makeup drawer and forgot about it until the other day when I wanted a color similar to this. I put this on wet and WOW! Such a pretty silvery mauve color. I think this is discontinued sadly but if anyone knows of dupes let me know ;)

Wet N Wild lipstick in Just Peachy- I picked this up at Walmart the other day and I don`t think I have loved a lipstick this much before! The formula I`m not too crazy about, as it is kind of dry and settles into lines but I can get over that for this beautiful color and the $1.79 price tag :)

Benefit Eye Bright- Love love love this product. Its perfect for those days you just don`t have time or are barely awake (Which happens a lot for me at least), just a bit of this in the inner corner, brow bone and outer corner makes you look so alert and refreshed when you are the complete opposite! Get it at for $20

Urban Decay Primer Potion- As this is my first review, I just wanted to show this but this has had its place in my makeup bag for about 4 years and isn`t leaving anytime soon. Hands down favorite primer and if you don`t have one already, go pick it up at Sephora for $20, you will not regret it.

Well that`s it for this post, I`m sorry for the book but I hope it helps someone out! Please comment and let me know if you like these products too or what you prefer :) Thanks!

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