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Another game I recommend brings us to the final installment of the Offroad Fury Games. ATV Offroad Fury 4. This is considered the poorest performing of the 4 games despite its heavy upgrades. Released back in 2006 in America (2007 in EUR and AUS) the game got a complete gameplay overhaul from the 1st 3 games. Looking to improve the game from the complaints from 3, Climax Racing added in several more vehicles to the list than just the regular ATVs. They added in SUVs, motocross bikes, and Dunebuggies. While this garnered praise from game critics and some fans for expanding its game play ability, other fans lamented over the fact that the game had gone away from its ATV only roots. The game kept the graphics from 3 but as such the number of ATV available for play was reduced to make room for the other vehicles. There were more tracks added to the game which also reduced the number of ATVs for selection. Several minigames were added to the game such as Ice Hockey, Scavenger Hunt, King Of The Hill, Bowling, and Ring of Fire. However despite all the add-ons, 4 became the worst selling of the series becasue of fan displeasure with the game maker for taking away a lot of aspect to the game that got them hooked on the series in the 1st place. Because of the bad performance from 4, ATV ORF5 for the PS3 was canceled and no further games were ever made of the series. Online play and multi-player were still aspects of the game but after 5 was canceled, 4 and the other games online servers were taken down. So there`s no more online-play for these games, just its multi-player aspect remains if you want to play with other people.

Overall it`s a decent game with the new add-ons, and if you like that sort of thing then by all means get the game. But if you`re one of those for being a stickler for traditional game play and what makes a game series is sticking with its roots, then don`t play it. Otherwise it`s a decent game.

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