ATV Offroad Fury 3

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Continuing with my game recomendations we come the 3rd installment of the ATV Offroad Fury games. ATV Offroad Fury 3. Released in 2004 in America (2005 in EUR and AUS) the game is essentially the same as ATV ORF2 but with a vastly improved graphics and slightly better sound. The game becomes less cartoony looking and more true to life, which in my opinion took away from what made this game series fun. Although I think most people liked the newer look. The game series went to game developer Climax after having been in the hands of Rainbow Studios for so long. The change was shown in the next 2 games. The Menus got a slightly different look while keeping the main mode from the 1st two games. More features for your costume and another good soundtrack rounded out the game. But as I said earlier the graphics got a boost in looks. The brightly colored "cartoony" looks and feel to the 1st two games were taken out and a more grittier version was introduced. Even though this new look made the game look better and allowed the game series to get better scores from critics, fans complained that the new look took a lot of the fun away from what made the series a fun and sometimes funny game to play. The game controls did get cleaned up and doing tricks in mid-air did become easier to control. Races, stunts, and carrier modes remained the same but the AI seemed to get downgraded a bit from ATV ORF2. Internet gaming was still available for this game as well along with multi-player mode. However fans complained of getting disconnected a lot during online play. Sadly this problem was never resolved for this game but was "fixed" for the next ATV ORF game. The Cheat codes are the same as from 2 (same effects that is) so you can still pull off some funny landings. But despite the complaints the game went on to become a greatest hit like 2 did, although did sell less than 2.

So all in all it`s a decent game with better graphics and sound, but the fun from the 1st 2 games suffered becasue of it. However I still do recommend this game if you want to continue with the Offroad games this series was famous for.

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