ATV Offroad Fury 2

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Another game I recommend is the 2nd in the line of ATV Offroad Fury games. ATV Offroad Fury 2. This one I consider the best of the series. Released back in November 2002 in the US, (September/October 2003 for EUR and AUS) for the PS2, the game continues the offroad racing and stunts from the 1st game but vastly expands the features and inventory. The graphics and sound quality also get a bit of a boost from the 1st game. It comes with better AI and a wicked soundtrack list you can choose from in game! The gameplay is the almost the same with the same kind of Menu from the 1st game with the same game modes, but it does come with a few more extra features including a larger ATV selection and more detailed costume editing. You get less tracks however, but more different kind of races and environments in those tracks so it evens itself out. This was also the 1st of the ATV ORF games (and one of the 1st PS2 games ever) to include internet play, where you can challenges various other players online to races and stunts. It also kept the more normal multi-player mode to challenge friends and rivals to games at home. This was also the 1st ATV ORF game to have "Sling Shot" return, meaning that if you climbed the cliffs at the edges of the environment you were in it would shoot you back through the air with a loud WOOSH sound. It`s very funny to watch. The Cheat codes are very cool as well. Nothing like sticking the landing while your stuck in the middle of the stunt pose and hen driving off in that pose. It`s very fun to watch and play and I highly recommend this game. You`ll be playing this for hours on end!

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